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Kyosho Caliber 30

OS 32 SX-H Engine

GV-1 - 1500, 1650, 1750 rpm

GY-401 Gyro Futaba 9253 Digital Tail Servo

RX700 Receiver

JR 591 Servos on Collective and Throttle

SAB 320 (550mm) Main Blades

Fuel - Coolpower 15% Nitro


The Crash - Flat Battery

My Caliber crashed on 7th December 2003but she's rebuilt now.  Important learning point... don't try to get that one last flight when the battery is low!

Video of Caliber Crash:  images/caliber_crash.wmv


Caliber 30 rebuilt after crash (29 December 2003)


Another Crash - 'L' Lever broke in flight

15/04/04, This time the crash took out most of the heli, as you can see below.  I think the cause was the L lever breaking during the flight as I suddenly lost most of the control over the collective and cyclic; the plastic had most likely been weakened from previous crashes.  Shame because she always flew very steadily.  Anyway, that's it for this bird, not worth replacing the parts and I am going to get a Raptor 50 as my everyday heli for trying out new things.