Clive Woods'

Caliber 30 Tips


Installing GV-1 Sensor on the Caliber 30

Installing the GV-1 sensor on the Caliber 30 can be tricky because the fan, where the magnets are mounted, is above the clutch.  I've seen many modified brackets on the web to 'bend' the sensor around the clutch.  However, I found that by simply using the 60 engine mounting bracket attached to the frame / engine mount (as shown above) allows the sensor to be positioned perfectly, getting 97% sensitivity on the GV-1.  I've now used this setup for over 30 flights, and have never had the sensor move, even after a crash!


Caliber 30 Elevator Levers

I almost lost the Caliber after about 10 flights due to the Elevator Lever arms coming loose; the self tapping screw used in the kit had vibrated loose, stripping the thread, and the lever was hanging on by about 2mm.  I replaced the screws with Allen bolts going through the main frames and secured with a nut - all fixed and no more problems.