Fury Extreme Flight Log


Date Wind Flights Notes Maintenance
9/11/03 5mph 4 Flights to set initial engine and trims for first flights. Fury flew well with hardly any trim needed.

Tail kicks out in full power climb out. Gyro need adjusting on next flights
GV-1 (Off, 1500,Off)
16/11/03   5 First flights on CP15%, still adjusting engine needles  
16/11/03 3mph 2 Just another couple of flights, triming engine. Resetting needles and start again as engine not idling well. Change glow plug. Increase idle throttle and reset needles to factory position
30/11/03   4 Engine set up flights. Engine running much better at end.

Full charge on flight pack = 2109mah, after 4 flights took 1188mah. Estimate 6 flights with 25% capacity remaining
6/12/03 8mph gusty 5 More tuning of engine, starting to lean out top needle engine now running much better GV1: 1500, 1650, 1750. Tuning engine, lean out top needle
13/12/03 15mph strong gusts 2 Very gusty with 15mph average. First flight with GY601.  Much better tail holding on full power climb out.  Fury handles strong winds well, much better than Caliber which would have been unflyable in these conditions Replaced GY401 with GY601. Few clicks leaner on main needle
14/12/03 10-15mph gusty 4 OK. Too windy to try nose much in. Engine running well now and getting around 11 minutes flight. Engine pretty well leaned out now
21/12/03 15mph strong gusts 1 Too windy, too cold, just one hover.  
22/12/03   3 First nose in hovering on Fury, coming on better. Battery about 300mA per flight. 2 clicks leaner on mid needle
02/01/04   3 Nice flight, doing basic circuits and getting used to flying patterns. Slightly higher headspeed for hover handles better (1550, was 1500) GV1: 1550, 1650, 1750.

Added grease to tail gears

04/01/04   3 Practicing nose-in, left and right side and circuits. Coming along well. Reduced exponential from 50% to 40% and Fury felt much more responsive and easier to control. Exponential reduced in radio from 50% to 40%

Changed Glow Plug

17/01/04   2 More practising nose-in and left right hover. Bit rusty after 2 weeks not flying. Too cold for more than 2 flights.  
18/01/04 15mph strong gusts 2 Windy and cold Main needle 2 clicks leaner - better transition now from idle to 1550 head speed
24/01/04 20mph 2 Getting really fed up with this - just too windy  
25/01/04 5mph 3 At last a calmer day.  Practising left and right hover and small slow circuits. Right hover very comfortable, left coming on and nose in coming along.  
14/02/04   3 Good flights. Larger field meant was able to get into FFF. Left and Right hover now very comfortable. Nose in coming on well. Was able to fly circuits much better including flying towards myself - nose in. At one point heli went long way away and became small dot in sky (FFF is very fast!) but was able to bring her back safely. Main Needle 4 clicks richer as engine stuttered and stalled (too hot) when flying at high head speed
20/02/04 10mph 3 Practising left and right FFF. All OK. Main needle 1 click leaner
21/02/04 10mph 4 Large figure 8s in FFF! Now very comfortable with heli on left and right and further away / higher. Muffler came lose in third flight - tightened back up and when home found that gasket had cracked. Replaced with instant gasket. Replaced muffler gasket with instant gasket
28/02/04 5mph 2 Just left and right FFF and little bit of nose in hover.  
27/03/04 5MPH 2 First flights in Cheshire for the Fury. More nose in practice. Changed glow plug and changed sprag clutch oil
28/03/04 5mph 1 First flight at Heli-cats flying site. Checked sound level of MP2 at near 90dB... too noisey! Just ordered a Zimmerman to reduce the sound levels. And ordered battery checker on advice of one of the members.  
4/04/04 10mph 3 Changed out the MP2 for a Zimmerman pipe.  Smoother running and little quieter.  Engine runs very nicely on this muffler.  First flights with new on-board battery checker; confirms that I can get 3 flights comfortably and on the 4th flight will start to flash in the red under load. Replaced MP2 with Zimmerman 90 Muffler. Fitted on-board orbit battery checker
5/04/04 5mph 1 Crashed the Fury trying a loop too low down :-(


  • Servo 9251 gear set (26.99)

  • Canopy

  • Main shaft

  • Tail boom

  • Tail boom supports

  • Stabiliser bar

  • Landing gear

  • Main blades

  • Radio support bracket


10/04/04 5mph 3 3 flights to trim the Fury after the crash and with my new radio - JR PCM 10X. Flew really nicely again. Flying as well as before crash. Fury rebuilt and test flown after crash
13/04/04 10mph 2 Just 2 flights left and right FFF. Nose in practice.  
15/04/04 25mph 2 First flights at Delyn. First flights in high wind - Fury flew well. Problems with engine at idle. Changed back to MP2 muffler. Replaced Zimmerman with MP2 - Zimmerman was spitting fuel out at the pipe connection. Reset needles.
24/04/04   1 Tuning engine flight. Much better since the fuel lines replaced. All fuel lines replaced. Solved problem of idle running too lean; there was a small hole in the line inside the tank, right next to the clunk.
01/05/04 10mph 4 Tuning engine. Running very well on last flight. Practised nose-in and circuits - coming along much better. Tuning engine needles - high and medium both leaned out.

Exponential now reduced to 15%.

02/05/04 5mph 4 4 really good flights. Was flying FFF executing large, fast figure 8's with stall turns. Muffler came loose on last flight but no problems, just landed quickly - no need to try an auto. Muffler came loose. Engine is running very well now, temperature was 180F just below base of fins after tank leaning out at end of flight - richened high needle 2 clicks and mid needle 1 click just to be on safe side.
17/05/04 15mph - gusty 4 Good flights despite fairly strong wind and gusty conditions. Just practiced circuits again. I had forgotten how well the Fury flew since I've been flying the Raptor a lot recently. Leaned high needle 6 clicks. Went leaner, but engine overheated as fuel ran out on last tank. Also leaned mid needle 2 clicks after flight - not tested yet.
22/05/04 5mph 4 More practicing nose-in flying, circuits, 8's. Almost built up the courage to do a nose-in landing. Should be able to do this soon with a little more practice... maybe tomorrow!  
23/05/04 5mph 4 Same as before, still couldn't land nose-in, but can hover nose-in now for as long as I want. I slid the engine higher into clutch as a little bit of slack had developed
30/05/04   4 First flights with Magnum 30% fuel. Very smoky and needed to richen needles quite a lot. Engine seems to run better on this fuel however and the pinging (pre-ignition) sound I had been getting on the Coolpower has gone. I've got a case of this fuel and I'll see if I can cope with the smoke.

Flights were not very confident following the Raptor crash yesterday, need to fly more to get confidence back again.
Glow plug changed.

Needles richened back to factory settings due to new fuel

01/06/04 15 - 20mph 4 Four flights with Magnum 30%. Engine running much better now on Magnum fuel. Engine was a little warm at end of last flight, so richened high needle 3 clicks to try tomorrow.

Still getting confidence back. Despite being quite windy practiced fast figure 8's.
Engine running a little lean, overheating slightly, so richened high needle 3 clicks. Idle needle at factory setting and engine idles nicely now with smooth transition up to hovering head speed.
05/06/04   5 Got my confidence back again and was flying large fast circuits. Still setting needles for Magnum fuel. Had to richen needles (high and mid) a long way to bring temperature down as engine leans out in flight. High needle now at 3 turns out with mid about 1.5 turns. Engine temp at 170F
27/06/04 15-20mph 3 Engine seems to be running better again.

3 flights in quite strong wind, nothing special just FFF and trying to control her in the winds and strong gusts.
Engine leaned out again about 3/4 turn
5/07/04 5-10mph 4 I was having fun with my Fury, flying quite a long way away then bringing her back in very large fast figure 8's and got carried away with the time. Fuel ran out over a wheat field.

To low and too far away to auto her to somewhere safe so I thought, better crash in the wheat field as gently as possible to minimise the damage. Hit throttle hold and ran her through the auto sequence and tried to settle her down as gently as possible on the top of the growing wheat. I flared her at the level of the wheat and brought the blades to almost no speed as she sunk into the field.

Oh well I though better go check the wreck

When I got there, quite a trek through the grass, the Fury was nose down but perched on top of the wheat. Not one bit of damage; flybar straight, blades undamaged - and weren't even folded back in the blade grips.

Gave her a good going over then flew her again.
Engine leaned out with high needle to 1.75 turns. Temp @ 175F
Changed glow plug
11/07/04 10-15mph 4 First flights with new Duralite battery. After 4 flights voltage was 7.12V. Fast figure 8's. Replaced battery with 4000mAh Duralite.
13/07/04 5-10mph 5 5 flights with Duralite battery:

Start - 7.60V (with 1A load)
1 - 7.45V
2 - 7.35V
3 - 7.25V
4 - 7.15V
5 - 7.07V

Lots of fast figure 8's and loops.

Took off muffler and replaced instant gasket

Changed sprag oil

Changed tail gear grease

18/07/04 5 mph 4 Couple of really messy loops, keep on bringing the tail round too fast; goes into loop fine but flip over at the last 3/4 of the turn Changed glow plug as engine wouldn't start on 3rd flight
21/08/04   3 What a disastrous flight.  Engine was almost impossible to start and had no power.  On second flight did lots of flips, most of which were pretty awful; couldn't flip in one place.  On third flight had a hot start due to mucking about with the engine (forgetting to switch the heli electrics back on) and burnt out the clutch liner.  Took engine apart next day and found that there was almost no compression at all; too much running it very hot with all the troubles after the crash.  As I've now got to the stage where I hate taking this heli to the field - I always know I'm going to have problems with the engine, I've decided to replace the engine with a new YS91.  
28/08/04 10mph 3 First 3 flights with new engine. Completely different to the C-Spec, idles really nicely. Very rich, but seems to have plenty of power already. Just hovering today with a little FF, will start leaning out needles next session. Replaced OS Cspec Engine with YS91. Replaced Clutch Liner. Rubber fan inserts.
Needles at Factory settings:
Low: 1.25
Hover: 1.75
Full: 1.25
29/08/04 20mph 3 Still breaking in engine. Problem with clutch slipping, I sanded too much away last time and need to replace liner again. Also noticed tooth missing on top gear - will replace, must have happened on this flight as all was OK before. Engine is running well though, leaned out hover needle by 2 clicks. Idles beautifully and transitions quite smoothly to hover power. FFF (not so fast at the moment until run in a bit more) seems fine. Leaned hover needle 2 clicks
3/09/04       Replaced clutch lining, Teflon 'O' rings, Upper gear.

Changed sprag oil

4/09/04 10mph 4 Still breaking in engine.  On last flight throttle linkage came off and engine revved at full power for about 20 seconds. At end engine was hot, but I don't think any damage done. Started straight away and ran well. Changed glow plug.
5/09/04   6 First few flights carried on running in engine, then on last 3 did lots of loops, and for the the first time FFF with pirouettes - looked really cool.

Engine leans out a little during last 30 seconds.

Engine only gives about 7:30 though, must try a header tank to increase flight time and stop it leaning at end of flight.

Leaned main and hover needles a few clicks

Duralite switch failed intermittently only noticed back at home.  Replaced with JR heavy duty switch - failsafe worked well

11/09/04 20mph - very gusty 1 Flight with header tank. Doesn't lean out now towards end of flight now. Too windy to enjoy flying so stopped after 1 flight only. Installed header tank
19/09/04 15mph 1

Only 1 flight.  At end of about 7 minutes I heard a load click and the fury started shaking a little.  Landed and saw the MA paddle had shattered (very clean break)

and taken out the tail blade!


25/09/04 10mph 3 First flights with V paddles - much more aggressive than the MA white ones.  Going to reduce the head speed a little as the heli is now a little too responsive.  New paddles handle the wind a little better than the MA ones, well seems that way anyway. New Tail Blades (110mm SABs)

V Paddles (95mm)

Replaced tail blade grips as one of them had a slight crack in the plastic

26/09/04 5-10mph 3 More stable at about 1700 headspeed and getting used to the V paddles.  On last flight, strange noise from engine and on landing found that a head bolt had come out of engine, with a 2nd bolt loose. Replaced glow plug
2/10/04 15mph 4 Bit windy, but 4 careful flights after replacing the head bolt. All seems OK now. Finished off with a few loops just to get back in practice. Replaced head bolt (3.5mm x 15mm) from Bazzler at Runryder - couldn't find em anywhere. Will try to get hold off OS61 screw set as head bolts are the same size
5/12/04   2 First time flying the Fury in 2 months.  Flew well and started straight away. No problems with the head now.  
25/03/05 10 mph 4 First flights with the Fury since December. Felt a little weird after all that time but started getting used to it at the end. Flew nicely and started first time - running beautifully.  
26/03/05   4 Getting more confident again, heli fly really well.  Engine now pretty well run in and getting 10 minutes per tank.  
28/03/05   3 Better than before, getting used to flying again with circuits coming together.  
16/07/05 10 mph 4 First flights on the Fury for a while.  Getting used to her again... she flys like a dream though. Changed glow plug after 1st flight
17/07/05 5 mph 4 Fast circuits and loops again.  First few were a bit flaky as I was inputting rudder with the collective but got the hang of it again at the end.  Confidence coming back at last!  
30/07/05 15 mph 5 Pretty windy and after the first flight, the throttle stuck on full power when I landed.  Let her run out of fuel.  The JR DS 8321 servo had stuck.  Investigating showed the servo to be very rough and intermittently sticking.  Replaced with a DS 8231 from my Raptor.  Flew fine for the next 4 flights. Replaced Throttle servo with DS 8231 from Raptor
31/07/05 15 mph 4 Still windy and grey / overcast, made it difficult to see heli.  Just circuits again.  
4/09/05 5 mph 4 Good flights, very fast and clean.  Most at idle up 2! Changed glow plug twice, burnt out a start of session and after 3 flights
22/08/06 15mph 2 First flights after a year off.  Fury started first time and had 2 flights getting used to flying again.  Not too bad and most came back after one flight.  Could still hover and fast circuit. Changed glow plug - after 1 year the other one had broken off course - no corrosion though!

Duralite battery monitor was giving odd readings and the display became corrupted so I used a standard multi-meter to read voltage across the duralite monitor - bsically just using it as a load.  After overnight charge gave 7.41v and 7.19v after 2 flights.... I'll keep an eye on the batteries.

10/09/06 5 mph 3 3 more flights still getting into flying again. Noticed some chaffing on the wiring loom by the on-off switch after the flight.  Will need to take apart and maybe replace wires / switch.
  Total 195