Helicopter Links




RC Universe Discussion

Some useful information available.

Heli Spot

Seneca's excellent new forum!



Midland Helicopter

Good online UK helicopter shop where I get all of my Caliber 30 spares - need them a lot at the moment!

Motors & Rotors

Another good UK shop with excellent service.  Bought my Fury Extreme from Motors & Rotors and I get my fuel from these guys; one of the few shops that still ship fuel.


Other Online Heli Resources:

AugustoHeli.com - Directory videoarchive

Source of model helicopter videos, very good for seeing how these babies should be flown!

Raptor Technique

Focused on the Thunder Tiger's Raptor helicopter but still an invaluable resource for all helis.


I learnt a huge amount by reading Nate Waddoup's web.  Especially good are the diaries as you can see the various trials and tribulations in learning to fly these beasts!


Good articles on learning to fly with training guides from basic hovering to autoratations.

Flight Log

Flight Log is a freeware programme, written by Shawn Lammer to manage all of my heli flight logs and maintenance records. Also keeps track of your expenditure, which is frightening!

Caliber 30

Web site dedicated to the Kyosho's Caliber 30 with good articles and tips on what you need to start off in the heli hobby.

Caz's Heli Web Pages

Lots of good information for those wanting to get into the hobby.





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