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Building the Raptor 50 V2.0



Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 V2.0

OS 50 SX-H Engine

GV-1 - 1650, 1750, 1850 rpm

GY-401 Gyro Futaba 9253 Digital Tail Servo

JR RX770 Receiver

JR DS8231 Servos on Cyclic

JR 591 Servo on Throttle

Futaba Digital S9451 on Collective

SAB 600mm Main Blades

NHP 85mm Tail Blades

Quick UK Head

Fuel - Magnum 30%



This was a very easy build and only took 2 days.  She flew beautifully right from the first flight with the OS 50 engine very easy to start and idles extremely smoothly.  I really like this bird; much more power than the Caliber and very responsive.


Raptor 50 with new Quick UK head after crashing into tree

Quick UK Raptor 50 Washout Unit

Quick UK Raptor 50 V2 Head Combo