Raptor 50 Flight Log


Date Wind Flights Notes Maintenance
18/04/04   3 First flights of Raptor 50. Trim needed on forward / aft cyclic. Engine starts very easily. Flew very steady with quite a lot of power despite engine no where near run in yet - seems more powerful that the Fury! Very nice heli. Setting engine needles
19/04/04   3 More tuning, few FF Flights. Running well but will replace wood blades with SAB carbons. Setting engine needles
24/04/04   3 First flights with SAB 600mm carbon blades; much better than the wooden ones, little more stable. FFF and nose in practice. Left needles as before
25/04/04   3 3 flights still running in engine. Raptor giving more power now with longer flight times. Practiced longer nose-in hover. Lean high needle 2 clicks
07/05/04 15mph - gusty 2 Although quite windy and very gusty, 2 good flights of FFF and able to fly very comfortably towards myself and around in all orientations.

Engine now getting run in with flight time increased to 15 - 16 minutes before going on to header tank. Collective feels a little weak with the JR 591 servo, so am going to replace with a Futaba digital S9451 that I have spare (about 7.0kg, 0.13 sec), which should hold the collective better.
Leaned high needle 3 more clicks
09/05/04 3mph 3 3 flights just doing circuits and practicing figure 8's FFF. No real problem any more with the heli coming nose-in but still need practice to control the speed and altitude. Often I go too fast and too high, need to control collective better! Engine seems to be getting even more time per flight, now up to about 17 minutes on main tank after lean out by 2 clicks. Engine 2 clicks leaner on high needle. Remote glow adaptor broke again so have made simple aluminium bracket out of meccano to secure.

GV-1 settings @ 1600, 1750, 1850
10/05/04 5mph 3 Good flights, still practicing figure 8s and nose-in hover. Engine running really well and getting good 17 minutes on main tank. Going to richen idle needle slightly on next flights as engine over speeds a little when dropping to idle from full power.  
15/05/04 5mph 4 Started doing autos for the first time. First few were baby ones, about 1 to 2 meters off the ground. After getting used to how the heli responded took them higher up, ending up at about 30m and ending nice and gently with slow forward skidding along the ground. Great fun, now I know why people like ending with autos! Richen idle needle few degrees.
23/05/04 5mph 3 Three really good flights. FFF Figure 8s, lots of nose-in and first loops on the Raptor (now the engine is run in!). Engine wouldn't start on 3rd flight, replaced glow plug, all OK.
29/05/04 5mph 2 Practicing loops and generally buzzing around, but lost it in a loop, dumb thumbs I think!  Must concentrate more.

Video of Raptor Crash

Took out - flybar, blades, landing gear, tail boom and supports, main shaft, feathering shaft, clutch liner and clutch shoe.

6/06/04   3 First flights after crash and Raptor is flying better than ever. Replaced cyclic servos with JR DS 8231's; more responsive and snappier with these babies! Just buzzing around this time doing very fast figure 8's and nose-in practice. Rebuilt Raptor after crash. Replaced cyclic servos with JR DS 8231's.
12/06/04 20mph 2 Quite windy but did 2 flights practicing nose-in hover and FFF in stronger wind. Went well and the Rappy's flying really well.  
13/06/04   5 Nice flights with the Raptor, some loops and pirouettes.


20/06/04 10mph 3 First flights with the Magnum 30% fuel. Wow. Nore power and very smooth. Love it, just wish my OS91 ran so well. main needle 4 clicks but leaned it back 3 clicks, so about 1 click richer than the Coolpower 15%.
01/08/04 10mph 5 First flights with Duralites.  Excellent.  After 5 flights drop in voltage was only 0.33V!  At this rate I can probably get over 20 flights between charges.

Glow plug popped it's self out on the 3rd flight, so I autoed her down safely.  No problems, no damage; was about time for a plug change anyway...

Replaced JR 1900 mAh battery with 4000 mAh Duralites.

Changed the glow plug.


07/08/04 5mph 3 Crashed the Raptor into a tree!

Was having a really good flight, fast 8's, backwards fast flight and finally got my loops looking better; fast into them, nice round loop and fast exit.  On the third flight I was making a run ready to try some rolls and completely misjudged the distance to the tree in the middle of the field.  Raptor ran straight into it - and stayed there.  She was about 20m high and wouldn't come down.  Next morning went to the garden centre, bout a load of 2.5m canes, taped them together and managed to get a hook into the tail of the Raptor and pulled her down. 

Damage not too bad.  She hit the branch in the centre of the head, so I'll replace the entire head assembly I think as the plastic has probably been stressed; upgrade opportunity!

Unfortunately my Duralite battery was on all night as I couldn't get to the switch.  When I checked the voltage was at 4.8V, the Duralite instructions say that battery damage could occur if discharged below 5.5V.  We'll see.

Raptor Crashed into a Tree

14/08/04   3 3 Good flights, first after rebuilding with Quick UK Head Raptor 50

The new head is much better that the stock one and the Raptor is much more responsive

Duralites seem to have lost a little capacity; after 3 flights voltage was at 7.22 under 1A load - starting from about 7.40V.  I'll have to keep an eye on them, but seems OK.

Replaced head with complete Quick UK head.  Only other damage was a broken pitch lever, blades, main shaft, feathering spindle and stabiliser bar.
18/08/04   3 Batteries seem to have recovered.  This time started at 7.55V then 7.44, 7.40, 7.37 (all under 1A load)

Good flights. loops starting to look pretty good now; large and circular with no kicking the tail over at the end.

Recharging after these flights gave 7.60V.

22/08/04 5mph 3 Loops are coming on really well now; fast in, fast out and nice and round, exiting at same altitude as going in.  Did one double loop.  Tried a couple of flips, but these are messy, not staying on one place.  Also tried a roll, but it was pretty dark and difficult to see the heli.  Almost lost it at one stage but managed to recover fairly easily.  The new tailblades are great, holding much better than the stock ones; now she hardly kicks at all when applying full power. Replaced stock tail blades with NHP 85mm.
18/09/04 10mph 3 First flights using my new flight box - gift from my wife!

Starter System

3 good flights, lots of loops and flips. In last flight the main grey gear stripped and had to auto her in from top of a loop. Should have replaced the gear a while ago as I'd noticed a small crack but thought it would hold.

25/09/04 10mph 1 Only 1 flight and now the tail drive belt front guide's broken. Ordered replacement metal pair from Quick UK. Not having a lot of luck at the moment with plastic parts. Replaced main gear
10/10/04 15mph 2 Pretty windy so just some simple flying around today. Tail rotor belt has frayed so will replace. Replaced glow plug
16/10/04 5mph 4 At last, flights with no problems!  Circuits, loops and flips, just getting used to the Rappy again after minor problems for the last month. Replaced tail rotor belt
01/11/04 5mph 5 First flights for a while. To first 2 to get used to flying again then on to loops. Raptor flying well.  
13/11/04 5mph 2 2 pretty poor flights.  I'm a little out of practice!  Even nose-in felt difficult today.  
13/01/05 5mph 4 First flights of the New Year... weather's been so windy or rainy that this is my first outing.  Heli flew well and after a flight of getting back into practice was looping and flipping all over the sky.  Nice to be flying again :-) Glow plug replaced as failed after 2nd flight
13/03/05 10mph 2 First flights in Essex. Bit flakey after not having flown for quite a while. Not too bad though...need to relearn nose-in as it felt uncomfortable. Need a new allen bolt for the muffler as previous one has come loose. Thread is too short (3mm x 30mm so need around 3mm x 40mm)
19/03/05   5 Started to get confidence back. Fast circuits and getting used to nose-in again. Replaced muffler bolts and Quick UK aluminium gasket
3/04/05 10mph 1 Hot start with throttle at about 50% burnt out clutch liner and seems to have warped clutch shoe. Heli was vibrating badly so landed and will replace clutch lining and clutch shoe.  
11/04/05 5mph 2 Heli still has high frequency vibration At certain headspeeds, when it hits harmonics, heli starts to shake badly. Replaced fuel lines. Replaced clutch shoe and lining and glow plug
3/07/05 5mph 2 First couple of flights after the birth of my Daughter, Alexandra on 24th April! Not too good flying though; long time off.  
10/07/05 10mph 5 Much better flying.  Fast circuits coming back together again. Replaced Glow Plug - burnt out on 4th flight
30/07/05       Swapped DS 8231 servo from cyclic to the Fury
  Total 97