Raptor Crashed into a Tree



Was having a really good flight, fast 8's, backwards fast flight and finally got my loops looking better; fast into them, nice round loop and fast exit.  On the third flight I was making a run ready to try some rolls and completely misjudged the distance to the tree in the middle of the field.  Raptor ran straight into it - and stayed there.  She was about 20m high and wouldn't come down. 


Next morning went to the garden centre, bout a load of 2.5m canes, taped them together and managed to get a hook into the tail of the Raptor and pulled her down. 

Damage not too bad.  She hit the branch in the centre of the head, so I'll replace the entire head assembly I think as the plastic has probably been stressed; upgrade opportunity!

Unfortunately my Duralite battery was on all night as I couldn't get to the switch.  When I checked the voltage was at 4.8V, the Duralite instructions say that battery damage could occur if discharged below 5.5V.  We'll see.