Caliber 30 Flight Log


Date Wind Flights Notes Maintenance
12/10/03   4 Removed training gear for first time. Engine difficult to start, replaced glow plug but still no good. Readjusted needle valve - no difference. Reason was loose battery in glow plug starter. Replaced glow plug
16/10/03 5mph 3 L collective lever came loose as screw unthreaded; heli fell over but no damage. Became uncontrollable. Replaced screw with Allen bolt - all OK again. Replaced L collective screw with Allen bolt
18/10/03   4 First flight with GV-1 (set @ off, 1500, 1600). Very stable, much better control - much better landings. Started forward flight and left side / right side hover. FFF Ok (c. 200m). L/R hover needs lot of work.  
19/10/03 10mph 1 Too windy - stopped after 1 tank GV-1 (1350, 1500, 1600)
21/10/03   1 One flight all OK  
24/10/03   2 Have adjusted pitch curves to allow negative pitch. Hovers now at throttle in Normal and throttle in idle 1. Nice steady flying. L/R Hover getting better still can't bring it round to nose first. Better position control though and vertical control; heli stays where I want it and moves where I want it to.  
25/10/03   3 Better at FFF. Still can't hover nose in, got to try something else; have been trying hovering and gently turning from tail in to nose in. Used Idle up 1 for most of flight as additional head speed gives much better control and really fast take offs  
26/10/03   3 Went to larger field and was able to fly around a lot more. At about 20m turned heli around and hovered nose in for about 10 seconds then pirouetted back around. Flying better now and less afraid for heli to go high and further away. GV-1 (1400, 1500, 1600)
1/11/03   4 All OK - practicing nose in, still not really comfortable  
7/12/03   4 Battery flat on 4th flight - crash!
Nose in hover coming on well and pirouettes - before crash :-(
Frames, Main Gear, Main Shaft, Spindle, Body Mounts, Main Blades
Rebuild after crash due to flat battery.


Main frames (L&R)
Stabiliser bar
Main shaft
Feathering shaft
Main gear
Main blades
Fuel tank (not damaged in crash)
Battery (upgraded to JR 1900mAh)
Heavy duty switch

Fuel lines

30/12/03   2 First flight after rebuild. Blades out of alignment - appeared to 'flap', have added extra washer to blade grip / blade root. Change glow plug
31/12/03 10-15mph 1 Flight to check blade tracking after using both washers on SAB Main Blades. All steady now.  
2/01/04   1 Flying nice and stable, nose in coming along well. Ball link came off main rotor (no crash) and fan screws sheared as I overtightened during rebuild. Need new clutch shaft. Fan dropped down slightly when bolts sheared and shattered GV-1 sensor case (sensor still works) Need to replace sensor and Clutch Shaft (damaged it trying to get the sheared fan bolts out)

Clutch Shaft replaced and GV-1 sensor repaired 10/01/04

15/02/04 3mph 4 First proper flights after crash and fan screws breaking. Repaired GV-1 sensor works well. Good flights. Left, right and nose-in hover and flight good.  
13/03/04 10mph 3 Crashed the Caliber again!

Started with nose in practice and fast left right flights. Engine just doesn't seem to have any power and bogs down when collective punched for climb out.

On 3rd flight did a low sharp turn and blade touched a tuft of grass in the uneven field... over she3 went! Tried to add collective to pull out but lack of power meant heli wouldn't lift!

Not too much damage, only one blade cracked, main shaft, stabiliser bar, feathering spindle and tail boom support beam.

Engine just doesn't seem to have any power.  Not sure if this is real or just that I'm now so used to flying the Fury.
11/04/04   3 First proper flights with Caliber since previous crash.  Flying very stable.  First flights with the new radio (JR PCM 10X). Great flights, with my first loops!  Lots of fast pirouettes. Plenty of nose in practice, both hovering and flying towards me - proper circuits at last. Engine OK now. Problem was the feathering spindle which was slightly bent.
15/04/04 25mph 1 One flight. Lost control over collective a few minutes into flight and down she went again - hard crash. Probably due to an 'L' lever link breaking to the swash plate.

That's it for the Caliber - not worth repairing any more. Going to replace with Raptor 50!

Caliber 30 Crash Pictures

Crash took out:
  • Canopy

  • Blades

  • Tail boom

  • Tail support

  • Swash plate

  • Frames

  • Battery switch

  • Flybar

  • Shafts

  • Main gear

  Total 44