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Building the X-Cell Fury Extreme


Review of the Fury Extreme: fury_extreme.pdf

Video of my first nose in on the Fury:  images\nose_in.wmv

Fury Manual:  extreme.pdf


On 5th April 2004 I crashed my Fury for the first time trying a loop too low to the ground.


The rebuilt X-Cell Fury Extreme



X-Cell Fury Extreme

YS 91 Engine with Curtis Youngblood Muscle Pipe 2 (as of 28 August 2004)

GV-1 - 1600, 1750, 1850 rpm

GY-601 Gyro

RX1000 Receiver

JR 8321 Digital Servos on Collective and Throttle

SAB 223 (710mm) Main Blades

SAB 442 (110mm) Tail Blades

Fuel - Magnum 30% Nitro



Curtis Youngblood Muscle Pipe 2 on my Fury:




New YS91ST-4 Engine installed:



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