Futaba GV-1 Governor


I've installed the GV-1 Governor on both my helis:

Fury Extreme GV-1

Set at:

Normal - 1600

Idle 1 - 1750

Idle 2- 1850

Thunder Tiger Raptor 50 V2.0 GV-1

Set at:

Normal - 1650

Idle 1 - 1750

Idle 2- 1850


GV1 Manual: Here


I prefer the GV-1 over the Throttle Jockey, mainly because of the ease of setting up.  With the TJ you need to know your headspeed for programming.  With the GV-1 you simply enter the gear ratio for you heli, enter the required headspeeds in each of three flight modes and away you go.


With my JR 10X radio, I have programmed the Aux 4 knob to fine tune the headspeed simply by turning the dial - very neat!


To set up the GV-1 to work with your engine, you must first set the throttle positions:


Idle is the position where the engines idles, probably just below 1/4 position.

High is where the throttle is fully open.

Cut is where the throttle is fully closed.

Simply go to the menu where it asks for the positions to be programmed (using the function + key). Place you stick (and throttle trim) to where you would normally have the engine idling then press the GV-1 data button. Next move your stick to the position where the throttle is at 100% (fully open) - you may need to go to one of your idle curves to get the fully open position, don't worry if you need to change flight modes - press the data button again. Now it will be asking for the low position - go back to normal mode (if you needed the change flight modes) and place the stick in its lowest position and reduce your throttle trim to the point where the carb is fully closed. Again hit the data button.

Now if you press the function button you will go to another menu where you can check that the settings have been stored correctly. Just hit the data button and each time the throttle servo will move between the positions you have just programmed. You'll be abloe to see the servo move the throttle from Idle to fully open to fully closed.