Video of the aftermath of the Freya that exploded at Bham, supplied by Venturer from Runryder.



Video of Caliber crash from flat battery (7/12/03).

Caliber Crash


Video of my first nose-in on the Fury (22/12/03).

Fury Nose-in


Video of my first Raptor 50 V2.0 crash.  Was just practicing loops and generally buzzing around when I lost it in the last loop and Rappy became a lawn dart! (29/05/04)

Raptor Loops and Crash


More loops and general flying around with the Raptor (13/06/04)

Raptor Loops


First flips with the Fury, Messy though! (22/08/04)

Fury Flips






Raptor 50 Log
Fury Log
Caliber 30 Log